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How to use this website

The main goal of this website is to provide an easy way for Material Maker users to share their materials and brushes.

Importing materials, brushes and environments

To import materials into Material Maker, it is first necessary to open this website using the Connect to Website (broken link) button in the top right corner of the user interface. This will open this web page in your default web browser.

In the Material Maker user interface, the broken link button will change to connected link, which means Material Maker is ready to receive materials and brushes from the website.

On the web page, a small link icon as well as the Material Maker release number should be shown on the right of the Material Maker title.

Opening the web site this way makes it possible to import a material from the Materials page by simply clicking on the Open in Material Maker button. Material Maker will automatically open the selected material in a new Project tab.

Likewise, a brush can be imported from the Brushes page if the active project in Material Maker is a model painting project. The newly imported brush will be loaded directly, so please make sure your current brush has been saved (if necessary) before doing so.

Environments can also be imported, and will directly be added to your user environments library and will then be usable in the 3D Preview panel and the model painting tool.

Please note that it is not necessary to login or even create an account to import assets.

Each material has its own page (that can be shown by clicking on its name in the material list), that mentions the Material Maker release that was used. You may want to update Material Maker before trying to load a material created with a newer release.

Sharing materials and brushes

To share a material or a brush, it first necessary to create and account (using the Register button) and be connected to the site (using the Log in button).

In the Material Maker interface, the connect button will be shown in yellow when this is done.

When you are connected, clicking on the Send material to web site button opens a form in the web browser, where you can specify a name for your material, a few keywords, a license and a description, and submit it.

Please be aware this will share the whole graph of your material, and other Material Maker users will be able to reuse and modify your work (which is the main purpose of this website).