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Unmoving Plaid Example - By Arnklit  
Material by Amirtha

Added 12/27/2021, made with Material Maker 0.97

General Purpose Unmoving Plaid material made by Arnklit. (Modified by Amirthaz.) Credit Required.

Includes 4 pattern layers and a generic image for background.

What is Unmoving Plaid you ask?

Oftentimes in cartoons if a character is wearing clothes with a complex pattern, such as plaid or tartan, the pattern on the clothing will retain the same orientation regardless of the positioning of the character. It's as if the clothing the character is wearing isn't so much patterned as it is a cloth-based wormhole to a similarly patterned universe, or that the character's clothing has had a static pattern overlaid on it through Chroma Key techniques. This phenomenon is known as Unmoving Plaid (or for those who like jargon, perspective incorrect texturing).Source: